About Me

I am a human. I am a woman. I am a mom. I am a CEO. I am passionate about my work, design & travelling. I am also my “dreams come true” maker and moment`s collector.

I am a chemist from my master’s degree, phD of healthcare science from my interests, an interior designer, a marketing lover and an academic teacher from my passion.

I have been privileged to be the CEO for one of the divisions of a Swiss company since August 2019. This is an honour and huge responsibility at the same time. My company hires almost 150 employees somewhere in central Europe. We produce and sell medical devices.

When I have some spare time I like sewing, painting, skiing, kite-surfing and still trying to fall in love with running. I’m a morning person (I work out at 6 a.m.) but all of the sudden, somebody – somehow cuts off my power around 10 p.m. every day!
I love people! Their reactions make me intrigued and amazed day by day. Sometimes I find my own behaviours quite a surprise as well.

It seems very interesting why we make exactly the decisions we make? Why we behave in a particular way? Why leading people costs so much emotions? How to reach more and more ambitious business goals and simply stay a good person at the same time? And last but not least – what we/I can give to the company and to employees and what we/ I can get in return? It seems that what I receive is much more interesting and delightful.

Having realized that made me take a step ahead from being a donor to a grateful recipient. Optimizing and restructuring sales, production, supply chain, etc., change me.

Sounds a bit strange? This is my greatest discovery and surprise as a CEO.
And this is why I have decided to write this blog.

My name is Magdalena Kwiatkowska. Welcome & enjoy.

Leadership development is about helping people grow, and if I can get people as individuals growing, then I’ve got a company that grows.


James McNerney,
CEO of The Boeing Company.