Is being a sheep an option?

A sense of achievement at work plays a significant role in our professional lives as well as it
influences heavily on our private lives, too. Work occupies a huge part of our lifetime that is why it is
getting more and more adequate to consider our quality of life in general. The way of work is
changing, companies are following the flexibility related to working hours, place of work and working

Currently, Generation Z is entering the labour market with momentum. This is the only generation
whose lives are irreversibly linked to digitization. These are people who were raised with almost
unlimited access to technology, which has a huge impact on the way they function.

According to the report "Generation Z in the labour market" created by the Team of the Institute of
Management Science and Quality at the Humanitas University, the most important values in life for
Zetas include:

· happiness (62%),
· family (60%),
· opportunity to pursue passions (56%),
· ecology (51%),
· independence/freedom (51%),
· good health (44%),
· love (37%).

This has been a significant shift in the values compared to earlier generations. For Boomers or GenX
and Y the most important value seemed security, which was primarily determined by a stable job,
stability and constancy in life. In other words, for these generations salary and job title, shared 50/50,
were synonyms of success at work. The perception of success has taken a different perspective and a
different meaning nowadays.

Measuring success can be tough without defining what it actually is. So, the question arises what
success is?

Undoubtedly, the exact meaning of success is different for everybody. Overall, we can say that
success is when you achieve your desired vision. For example, if you wanted to become a CEO and
did so, you achieved success. The way you measure achievement in your personal and professional
life can also mean a very different thing. What is a great achievement for one person may seem like
just the very beginning of the way for others. What we call a success may also vary significantly and
bear different facets depending on the momentum in our professional careers. That is why it comes
as crucial to have a way to measure success to assess how you're doing.

Have you ever reflected on your success definition? Personally, I consider success a combination of:

· mental health
· leisure time
· linking what I do in life with the sense of purpose

Obviously, salary and job title are there as well.

However, what really matters to me now more than anything, is mental peace. Feeling comfortable
while being with people you meet at work, being able to express your thoughts and opinions, calling
a spade a spade, and being transparent and honest in your communication. No games or manipulation. No energy wasted for internal battles and wars. Sounds like a perfect place to work,
doesn’t it? Does such a workplace even exist? Yes, I even know one … .

If you come from business, your focus is on measuring anything that crosses your way with relevant
indicators. No matter if it comes to sales goals, effectiveness of marketing campaigns, production
KPIs or profitability. Measuring your own success at work can help you determine whether you're
reaching your short- and long-term career goals. If you notice you're not, you can adjust your plan
like we adjust sales and/or marketing strategies. I also see the conscious creation of one's career
path in the category of defining success. There are several ways to measure success, so finding one
that works for you is essential.

Do you define KPIs and goals for your company, department, Team?

Have you already developed KPIs to measure your own success?

Not yet? So, the time is now.

The way I see it, quite a big number of Millenials and Gen Y simply go with the flow, not reflecting on
whether the place they are in is the outcome of their choices or a pure coincidence. I would welcome
the situation in which we were more mindful and focused on our desires. Being aware of our needs
on one hand and naming boldly our achievements on the other.

This is something we can learn from GenZers. How to pursue your dreams rather than become sheep
with no sense of direction. Summarizing, being a sheep is not an option for me, at all.

“Pessimists may be right in the end, but an optimist has a much better time getting there.”

– Samuel R Allen,
CEO of Deere